Tijhala Miller 

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Developing the Daniels and Josephs

Stewarding the Gifts in Our Young Men

Developing the Daniels and Josephs is a concise guide to developing the natural and spiritual gifts in our boys and young men. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, neighbor, coach or mentor, you have a vital role in the lives of young people. In the midst of great uncertainty, we can be grounded in a level of peace that far exceeds our ability to understand the times. Discover the keys and practical strategies to create healthy environments for boys and young men to thrive!

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Tijhala Miller

Tijhala Miller is a mother of an adult son, grandmother of twins, certified life coach and educator in NYC with 20+ years in the field. She has taught at the elementary, middle school and high school levels in addition to a Psychology course through the Syracuse University Project Advance program. Tijhala is also the founder of Hem Touched  Coaching & Consulting LLC. She resides in New York and is passionate about helping urban teens, millennials and women discover their unique identity and purpose.


Matthew David Smith

financial advisor, 

The structure outlined in this book and insight presented is huge, especially in regards to offering safety and freedom for our boys to engage, challenge and express themselves to other young men as well as their superiors. I can’t tell you how valuable and right on time this is. I’ll definitely be reviewing it, likely on a weekly basis until we deliver and I fully step into the fatherhood role. In addition, even considering how I can invest more in my nephew’s life offered so much value for me.

Wittezerlande Manning

wife, mother, emerging entrepreneur:

Very insightful! I love how Tijhala developed the parallel between sonship and purpose!

Christian Allison


Tijhala Miller is an extraordinary woman of GOD who uses ministry to empower children and teens to realize that they are the leaders of tomorrow. “Developing the Daniels and Josephs” will encourage you as educators, social leaders, and role models, to follow God’s purpose for your life in order to effectively lead our youth. This book has truly transformed my rationale for chasing my calling- as children seeing me living my truth and passions will encourage them to take risks and build confidence. Furthermore ,as an educator, I found the chapter “The Stewarding of Purpose”’ insightful, as it emphasizes the importance of lessons, workshops, and scholarly interactions being centered around the Word of GOD. Thus, we will encourage students to understand as well as walk in their purpose. Highly Recommended!

Terome Parham

law enforcement officer, life coach, mentor

I ‘ve had the blessing of having Ms. Miller as a 10th grade English teacher, where many times I didn’t realize how much she poured into me. She took me in as her son, understanding it takes a village to raise our young men. She kept reminding me, “ You’re like Joseph; you are going to be placed in a position of power but you have to remain humble and walk in your assignment, even when you are rejected.” My favorite chapter is Understanding Sonship and Purpose”, because this is what she spoke over the lives of many young men like myself. She helped me find my purpose in youth ministry, which further inspired me to become a life coach to other young men. There are so many inspirational messages in her book that lay out the blueprint on how to uplift young boys. Furthermore, she explains all of the different roles in the “village” as well as their part in the future of developing  the next generation. This book will encourage you to help our young men find their God given identity as well as cover them in prayer along the journey.

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